Transnational coordination meeting in Vaslui, (Romania)

International seminar in Marsciano and Trevi (Italy)

The target of the seminar are the responsible of partner organisations and young workers in the field of sport.

It will have the following aims:

  • To put in common the information analyzed and collected by each of the partners during the local activities I;
  • To encourage cooperation and the exchange of knowledge, good practices and competencies in the promotion of equal opportunities in sport among partner organizations;
  • To create a standard training program with the basic content and learning objectives focused on equal opportunity and women empowerment so that each of the partners can subsequently validate and adapt it to their specific reality.

Final Conference in Malaga, (Spain)

The final conference will be a transnational multiplier meeting/event that will have the following aims:

  • To present the project, activities and results
  • To make the final evaluation of the project.
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