Liceul Teoretic “Emil Racovita”

“Emil Racovita” Theoretical High School is situated in Vaslui county, in the town Vaslui. The many features characterizing our institution may be summarized by intense educational and instructive activities, strictly connected with present day tendencies of European Community.

Our school has 4 levels of study: Philology-6 classes (3 with intensive study of English, 3 with intensive study of Spanish); Social Sciences-8 classes (4 with intensive study of French), Natural Sciences-9 classes (3 with intensive study of German); Mathematics-IT-6 classes (4 with intensive study of IT and 2 with intensive study of English).

Many things have changed in our school since its establishment in 1977.

Pupils study in 17 classrooms, 7 laboratories (1 Geography, 3 IT, 1 Biology, 1 Physics, 1 Chemistry). Our classrooms are equipped with multimedia accessories. Our teachers use innovative methods, based on ICT, applying the abilities acquired within Erasmus+ training projects.

Our school has a library with more than 16,000 books, a sports ground with a well-equipped gymnasium and 2 synthetic playing fields with floodlit installation.

Along our school corridors one can see representative drawings, photos and sketches for the life of our students.

The teaching activities are held by 56 well-trained teachers. 902 students (out of which 538 girls) study this year, 2020, in our school.

Our school has been involved in projects with associations and public institutions in Vaslui in which students’ talent and artistic ideas have been revaluated in  various topics.

During the “Know more, be better” week every year, our students have the chance to develop their fair-play competitive spirit, to learn how to work in teams. It is clear that sport is important for our students’ healthy life style. We have teams of football, volleyball, basketball, handball in which both girls and boys have the opportunity to express their young spirit. They are aware that it is important to take part in various sports competitions and winning is a plus.

First Tech Challenge is the largest competition for youth robotics worldwide. RoLERbot is a team of 15 teenagers, high school students, most of them Olympic in various disciplines. The 2018-2019 season was for RoLERbot Theoretical High School “Emil Racovita” a victorious year. At the end of the qualifying matches they came in 6th place, just one step away from the semifinals. This year, the theme of the competition, that involves building a skyscraper made of lego pieces, gives them the opportunity to be more inventive and to work with a completely new technology.

Our students come from different walks of life, many come from rural areas and many of them find in sports a common expression, being an essential part of their life. They learn how to stay strong and healthy, and their physical abilities are tested.

Usually, when going in for sports, we compete with other people in order to get some entertainment. At the same time, physical exercises bring a bunch of great benefits for participants. All kinds of sports can bring strong physical health, great team abilities, and strong organisational features.


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