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A.S.D. Trevi Volley

A.S.D. Trevi Volley  female volleyball was founded in 1972  in Cannaiola, a small village near Trevi.

Since 1972 has been engaged in the promotion and enhancement of women’s volleyball in the territory of Trevi and in the surrounding Municipalities.

The company has obtained significant successes, both as first team results that participates for over thirty years in FIPAV Series B National Championships,  as  well as at youth level with successful national level. A.S.D. Trevi Volley has also accompanied the growth of many young athletes on an individual level by contributing in some cases to form high-level athletes.  Their FIPAV qualifed coaches always updated, work with competence, passion and human quality in order to make you close to the sport of volleyball since the youth age.

In the current agonistic season the company participates at National Series B1 Championship Group C , Series C Regional Championship , youth sector divided into: Division Provincial Championship, Under 18, Under 16, Under 14, Under 12, Under 10 and Mini Volley.

The company carried out a project that is called “Volley…as growth“, following the CONI and FIPAV directives. The project is reserved for the students and pupils of the elementary and middle schools of the territory, and it proposes to support teachers of physical education in school timetable to carry out ludic-motor activities trying to create passion towards the volleyball sport. A.S.D. Trevi Volley organises events and tournaments. For example during the summer it organises two beachvolley tournaments and a 24 hour tournament of beachvolley; during the Christmas Holidays it takes part to the tournament for Series C teams; the 25th of April to the “Beato  Bonilli “ Trophy and the 2nd of June it organizes the Sport Festival and the Minivolley in the square for the Trophy “Patrizia Acciarino”, in collaboration with the Municipal Administration, the Pro-Trevi, the Regional CONI and the territorial/regional FIPAV.

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