Workshop “Treasure Hunt” – ASD Trevi Volley (Italy)

On October 18th, 2021, ASD Trevi Volley implemented the workshop “Treasure Hunt”, inserted in the Toolkit.


Initially, before starting, we explained all the activity to the girls. Then we divided the athletes into three teams. A group leader was chosen at random for each team. Once the leader was chosen, the girls were told that the sports director and the coach would be the ones who would help them in any eventuality. Once the teams were divided inside the building, the girls were given the starting clue: answer the questions related to the sport in the shortest possible time. Once all the questions were answered, they went in search of the second clue which was located in the gym near the building. Once they found the second clue to be able to find the next, the girls had to overcome athletic challenges in the shortest possible time. The third clue was located in their locker room. Having found the third clue to find the fourth they had to overcome exercises of mutual trust. The fourth clue was located inside the referee’s seat. To find the final clue, the girls had to focus each on their own team, find the strengths / weaknesses of their companions and have the courage to say it without fear. At the end, only one team was able to tackle all the clues in the shortest amount of time.

At the winning team was given the opportunity to train the others together with the coach for a day, in order to understand the main rules of leadership.

Carrying out the activity was not very difficult. We certainly had to adapt the treasure hunt to the new  directives for preventing the spread of Covid-19, but the only difference (from what was planned) was the use of masks and the hygiene of the hands after using the materials and contact with the other girls. In addition, the athletes who participated in the activity are all with the green pass, this gave us the opportunity to do it inside the sports hall.


The activity was carried out by 27 girls of the under 16 and of the D series of the Trevi Volley. The athletes were between the ages of 15 and 18. They have all been playing volleyball for many years and they are completely integrated into the society of Trevi Volley. The treasure hunt was carried out only by the athletes, so that they completed the essential purpose of the activity we proposed, namely: Develop thinking skills / Develop sports skills/ Being able to work with both males and females equally.

Around the girls during the activity there were the sports manager as a referee, the coach as an observer and the physiotherapist as a photo reporter. The sports manager, the coach and the physical therapist were the ones who created the whole activity and placed the clues.




The girls were very satisfied with the proposed activity. Answering questions allowed the girls to exchange ideas and to know how to listen to others. The game of the basket made them develop competitiveness and teamwork. The games of trust made them have complete trust of their teammates. Looking for clues brought them together and they had a lot of fun. With team activity, they have had the opportunity to understand the role of the leader but above all how to work well as a team to achieve a goal. The volleyball club has found the activity very stimulating and useful and it will certainly be used again in the coming years.


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