Workshop “3M – Music, Movement, Motivation” and “1 vs 1” – Liceul Teoretic “Emil Racovita” (Romania)

On March 17th, 2021, the teachers of Liceul Teoretic “Emil Racovita” carried out the workshop “3M – Music, Movement, Motivation”, and “1 vs 1” inserted in the Toolkit.

The two teachers of physical education put into practice, in turn, the activities in the workshop proposed by our school- 3M- Music, Movement, Motivation. During this activity, the students used the sports materials purchased within the project. The objectives of the activities were all fulfilled (development of general coordination capacity, aesthetic and creative sense, ensuring the pleasure of rhythmic movement and dance; toning specific muscle groups, improving suppleness, muscle elasticity and mobility; gaining collective identity, a favourable mental state; awareness of the need for fair play in group collaboration and team spirit development). For the icebreaking activity, they used “Reverse order” and “Follow the leader”. The aerobic exercises were much enjoyed by the students and they were adapted to the group age level and needs. The feedback was positive, the students were actively involved. The students and the teacher sat in a circle and discussed the completed activity. Students were asked if they had managed to overcome their physical and mental limits, they were asked to express their opinion about how energetic the activity was, if they would recommend these exercises to friends, how they felt as a leader and as an executor and to characterise (by a word or expression) the value of the group.

Another activity dealt with the workshop proposed by Travelogue, Italy “1 VS 1”. Two of our students with remarkable results in the world of sports (handball), answered both the same questions regarding their achievements and expressed their opinions concerning the equal chances of men and women in the field of sports. Though their answers they were an example for other teenagers to practice sports.

The participants involved were 190 students, 100 girl and 90 boys, mostly aged under 18. The people involved in the activities were in general students taking part in their sports classes. They worked under the guidance of their two trainers. Many other teachers in our school participated in the workshops proposed within the project, being supporters of the values promoted by the project, among which women empowerment through sport.

Both workshops were applied as described in the toolkit. The students had to deal with the distancing caused by Covid and to wear masks which is not very comfortable during effort. Some exercises were modified in the attempt to diminish the effort made as a request because of the pandemic situation.

The interviews were carried out as established.

All the participants in the activities expressed their satisfaction during and after the reflection step, using  key words to encourage the team and to evaluate the cohesion made during aerobics exercises. The leaders that coordinated the exercises expressed their pleasure in being a leader or the difficulty they felt when coordinating the group. In the end, all of them found taking part in such an activity very enriching. They were aware of the potential of each team member and of the importance of being a team. After the interview a free discussion took place and all participants agreed that there are stereotypes of which we are not aware, that we should break false images by proving through sports that both genders can practice the same sports and have brilliant results.

We assured the visibility of the project within the school by making a roll-up of the project containing the main objectives, the partners and some photos and it is placed where teachers, students and guests can see it.

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