Workshop “1 vs 1” – Travelogue APS (Italy)

On April 10th, 2021, Travelogue APS implemented the workshop “1 vs 1”, inserted in theToolkit.

It consisted in a double interview, carried out with one woman and one man, two athletes, players of five-a-side football teams.
We chose to involve two players of the same sport, usually considered as a “male” sport.
The interviews were carried out through an online platform. At the beginning of the activity, a brief presentation of the project, the objectives of the activity and the methods of recording the interview were made. The interviews were recorded separately, using the same questions. Then we created a video of the interviews including the questions and the answers of both participants, to facilitate the comparison.

While answering the questions, the participants were led to reflect on important issues, such as gender differences and stereotypes, and on any obstacles or barriers they may face. It was an opportunity to help them reflect on topics that they might not have had the occasion to address. At the end of the recording of the interviews, a brief reflection was made on the topics covered.




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