Project presentation in Malaga (Spain) – September 18, 2020

Friday September 18, professionals of Iniciativa Internacional Joven presented Wom-Emp project to different youth workers and urban artists, interested in working in the social field, being the majority of them dancers (street dance, breaking, locking, etc.) during a Training Event held at Iniciativa Internacional Joven’s headquarters in Malaga (Spain).
In one of the sessions of the Training we presented the different actions and fields of the Erasmus+ Programme and all the projects the organization is involved in as coordinators and as partners, including Wom-Emp project where we explained the objectives and future activities in which Spanish participants could take part, as well as where all other dancers can find useful information about the project (Wom-Emp website, Facebook profile, etc.).
The project was also mentioned during a visibility activity organized at El Taller, which is the headquarter of El Circulo Breaking and El Taller Breaking Club, on the same day (September 18). That day, it was the first day of the first edition of the Malaga Breaking League, a breaking competition lasting 4 months which weekly competitions (battles) among the registered dancers.

Participants were youth workers and urban artists, interested in working in the social field, being the majority of them involved with dance, especially street dance, breaking, locking and popping. They are dancers but also coaches, trainers or professionals/collaborators in organizations in the field of dance.
They were representatives of the following organizations:
-Iniciativa Internacional Joven (Spain);
-El Círculo Breaking (Spain);
-Espressione Hip Hop (Italy);
-Version Hip Hop (France);
-Associações de Artistas Urbanos e de Transformação Social (Portugal).
IIJ could not extend the invitation to participate to this session to more local dancers due to Covid-19 restrictions and regional limitations about space capacity but, for the leadership they have among their peers, we can consider them good multiplier agents of the new learning and knowledge.

At the same time, mentioning the project during the first day of the first edition of the Malaga Breaking League, gave us the possibility to reach the top breaking dancers of Málaga city and province, including the winner of 2018 Breaking Red Bull BC One Spanish Cypher, the world most well-known breaking competition. Many of the top breaking dancers are also coaches and trainers of the same sport in different dance schools, academies and cultural spaces.

The Erasmus+ Sport Programme of the European Union can provide dancers a wide range of opportunities to take part as athletes or sports professionals in different actions. Breaking has recently been recognized as Olympic Sport for Paris 2024 Olympic Games, so there is an international recognition of the fact that breaking can be considered as a sport. However, there are still many needs and shortcomings to be take into consideration; e.g. lack of breaking federations and differences in governance according to each country, lack of comprehensive official titles for breaking coaches, etc. If we consider the situation of women, there is a lack of women presence in breaking competition and events. In Málaga there is a crew called Wom-Empower Crew which is working to promote and extend the practice of breaking among women, as well as to provide support to women dancers. However, there is still a lot to do in breaking in women empowerment and gender equality. Projects like Wom Emp are very good learning opportunities to acquire new competences and promote women participation.
Some of the women dancers asked us to keep them updated among next steps of the project and its activities as they are interested in participating.


Read the meeting report in PDF -> Meeting Report AIIJ September 18, 2020



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