Analysis of the equal opportunities situation and good practices for gender equality and women empowerment in the field of sport

Research and analysis of the equal opportunity situation in the current society of the partner countries of the Erasmus+ project “Sport Power: Promoting Sport for Women Empowerment”, particularly in the field of sports.

Collection of good practices for coaches and athletes, with a focus on gender equality and women empowerment, in Italy, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom.

The research and analysis was carried out in March – August 2020.

Partner organisations and Authors:

  • Associazione Travelogue (Marsciano, Italy): Mastrini Valentina, Bonomi Silvia, Baccaille Sara
  • ASD Trevi Volley (Trevi, Italy): Fantauzzi Veronica
  • Asociación Iniciativa Internacional Joven (Malaga, Spain): Papotti Ilaria
  • Liceul Teoretic “Emil Racoviţă” (Vaslui, Romania): Budaca Gina, Pracsiu Virginia, Ciuraru Daniela, Hulubei Daniel
  • TheDojo.Org.UK (Watford, United Kingdom): Nwofor Francis


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