SEPTEMBER 12, 2020 – The Partners of the Erasmus+ project “WOM-EMP” celebrate the National Day of Encouragement

On September 12 the United States celebrates the National Day of Encouragement. It all started in 2007 in Arkansas, when a group of teenagers who attended a leadership forum at Harding University of Searcy, identified the lack of encouragement as one of the biggest problems that young people are facing today.

In this period of particular difficulty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the restrictions put in place to contain and prevent the increase in infections, as well as the negative images and stories of daily life, can negatively affect emotional well-being, interactions with others and the general behaviour of young people and the general population.

Now, when the various sports championships are finally about to restart, after long months of stoppage of activities, our partnership has decided to promote this day, believing that it is an excellent opportunity to encourage athletes not to stop and to resume their sport practice, with more determination than before!

We also recall that this month, from 23 to 30, the European Week of Sport will be celebrated, which this year aims to encourage Europeans to improve their physical and mental well-being, enrich their communities and empower themselves by being active, with the organization of sport-related events throughout the European Union.

We therefore invite athletes to share a photo of a teammate, an athlete, a friend, accompanied by an encouraging word or phrase, which encourages her not to give up and to continue to be active to pursue her goals, then inviting her to continue the chain by doing the same thing.

And so here is our encouragement for all of you in sport as in life:

It is never too late to set and pursue another goal!

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