Meeting with stakeholders in Vaslui (Romania)

Last June “Emil Racoviță” High School organised a meeting with the local stakeholders in the field of youth, sports, equal opportunities, training and civic participation.

The purpose of this meeting was to present the project, its partners, objectives, activities and results. Beside this, we discussed and signed the protocols of collaboration with each stakeholder. We also brought in discussion the gender equality issue in sports at local and regional level. The stakeholders presented their organization and expressed their point of view concerning the involvement of women in sports.

At this meeting took part stakeholders such as: the Municipality of Vaslui, “Emil Racoviță 2000” Youth Association, “Sportul pentru Toți” County Association, trainers and coaches from Kangoo Jumps, Steel Tonic and “Scorpions” Mixed Martial Arts, representatives of the local media and sport teachers and members of the local project team.

All participants expressed their interest in taking part in the project activities (in sport activities and/or promoting and disseminating the information and results of the project). They appreciated the young people’s interest, especially women’s, in different kinds of sports activities. The representative of Scorpions MMA underlined the importance of changing the parents’ perception concerning the practice of certain sports by girls/women and the importance of being involved in any sport as a means to emancipate and develop competitive skills.

The importance of sports associations was also stressed, being represented most of the times by teachers of physical education and sports, in organising sports events at local, regional or national level and the positive impact these actions have upon the participating young people and, on a large scale, upon the image of the local community.

Reference was made to the special present situation in which we are now because of the pandemic and of the difficulties in carrying on sports activities.

The meeting was an occasion to share the opportunities offered by Erasmus+ Programme, which allows participants to know the realities of different communities at local, regional and international level.

ERASMUS PLUS SPORT Small Collaborative offers a suitable field for different institutions to collaborate in a joint action, to exchange opinions, good practices and experience in a field of wide interest, to eliminate stereotypes and to promote equal opportunities.

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